Full-service air and ocean freight forwarder providing visibility and control over your entire supply chain through dedicated professional services.

ISL coordinates worldwide ocean and air freights for enterprise-level companies through a combination of technology, industry expertise, and an unmatched worldwide provider network.


Established in 1999, ISL is one of the leading freight forwarders in Israel.
We specialize in delivering freights from all over the world with exceptional customer service.

Transparent Pricing

Know exactly what you’re paying for. We give your finance team transparency and accountability with detailed quoting and invoicing.

Supply Chain Analytics

Know everything you need about your supply chain. Illuminate your blind spots and take back your data.

Domestic Truck and Rail Delivery

Our service doesn't end at the port, we will transfer your cargo to anywhere in the world with speed and accuracy to make sure you get it on time.

Product Classification

Avoid unnecessary fines, examination fees and delays when clearing Customs. Our experienced team will make sure to clear your goods with ease and speed.


ISL has partnerships with warehouses throughout key locations in Israel, making it possible for you to store your goods, quickly and hassle free.

Special Cargo

Deliver anything outside the box. If it doesn't fit, rest assure that with more than two decades of experience managing all types of cargo, we can deliver anything from anywhere in the world.

Do not hesitate to drop us a couple of lines. 24/7 support guaranteed.

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